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    “The most memorable day usually ends with the dirtiest clothes”

    The quote which I mentioned above is absolutely true. Clothes have the intense connection with the memories. Why because, the memories can be recalled through our clothes which we worn on our special days. It gives us instant smile and happiness when we wear it again.

    Having said the nicest part, let’s come to the reality. After the big enjoyment and celebration, the laundry basket ends up piling like a hill. Ufff!!!,😥 Keep a worry apart, we are going to get a glimpse of how to sort the laundry problems which looks burden to the mommies, right here!!! Lets quickly jump in..

    Assign a Laundry basket for the family members:-

    The boring and very annoying thing about laundry is sorting it out the clothes when loading into the washing machine 😣. All dirty clothes gets mixed up with every others clothes in a family. The truth is, these sorting process takes more time than folding or drying. To get rid of these troublesome work, make a wise decision of assigning a separate basket for the family members. If you think you cannot allocate each basket for each person in a family. Do like this, if your family consist of 4 members of mom,dad, bro and sis. Assign one laundry basket for the kids and the other basket for mom and dad. (Note: Kindly do change the count according to your family) It would be quiet easy for you to sort it out and save your valuable time.

    One load per day rule:-

    Always go for the one load of laundry per day rule. It would be easy for you to get works done without piling it up and you need not to go for two or more loads of washing on a day. Orelse it ends up with an unnecessary tension. Don’t want such kind right! Then do follow this rule right from today!!👍😊

    Do washing separately:-

    I am not sure wheather you would go with this statement or not but I am doing this pattern of washing only since from the beginning. I do my laundry for each person separately. I do not mix up everybody’s clothes. Since it has different stains and gems in all the clothes. I do not like to mix the kids clothes get mixed up with the adult ones. Especially babies clothes. There is more possibility of spreading gemses through washing. Though it is a washing process, we cannot expect we could get 100% gems free clothes even after washing. So it is good to wash separately.

    Load it at night itself:-

    Yes, I am following this idea. And it is a life saver for me. If you too wants to save your time, pick up the dirty clothes which needs to be washed and load the washing machine at night itself. Just load with dry dirty clothes only ( no water, no detergent) and do not close the lid completely. Let’s there be some airy gap. In the next morning, as soon as you start your day, you can start washing straight away without searching for the clothes. Trust me, it makes a good change.


    Folding is as equal amount of work as washing. If you find lazy in folding them. It too gets piled up like anything which leads to a disaster. Some feels folding is such a boredom part of washing clothes. I agree. But it has to be done without any choice. Then how to finish this task🤔?? The solution is right here. Do not fold the clothes when you are alone. Fold the clothes when you are chatting with your family members or on a phone call with your friend or simply by watching your favorite show on the TV. The works gets completed without your acknowledgment. The mission completed successfully 😎👍.

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