A partner to share the ups and downs with. Honor and strength, and knowing you’re stronger together than apart.

-Donna Alward

Parenting is quite tough when you deal it by all alone. Some mom used to struggle much between the house chores and the baby. Are you a new mom apart from home? During that kind of uncontrollable pressure she needs some physical and mental leisure hour. Do you agree?? If you are one of them, then this post is all for you.  Let’s get into the topic without any delay:-

How do you think you could come out of, this kinda stress overload without anyone’s help? I guess, you cannot.. Because, life is all about, as I said earlier, sharing ups and downs between each other. To whom do you think you can share your most vital duty which is parenting, to be with? No one comes to my mind except our partner (spouse).

They are the one who can get to see all your struggles to manage the entire house with the baby. As the word itself clearly mean, partner is someone who shares everything between each other. So father has an equal amount of responsibility in children’s growth.

Time has changed far better. Earlier,it was like, the woman or mom only needs to take care of her babies. Fathers who are  involving in parenthood is treated like an insult to the male class. How stupid!!! Thank god, we are not living in that period now. Today’s fathers are really doing their good jobs in parenthood. So proud and happy about today’s fathers. Bravo pappas👏

Moving on to the topic now,, Here we are going to take a look about some works in which father can show their helping hand to the mommy.


Many parents’ most biggest task to get accomplished is this eating or feeding task only, I Guess. How many of you agrees with me?? I can imagine everyone of you who are reading this post would feels the same. Having said that, why this toughest job to be done only by mammas all the time🤔? Father can take this opportunity to show their real talent with loads of love through feeding them. Babies/kids also won’t get bored at all the time by the same person. They would feel the change and who knows, miracles can happen by completing it fast 😱. Do you want to miss that chance? Think deeply about it 😀.


Many parents think bathing is the very risky work. I will tell you something,  you have given birth to your baby with the loads of risk factors, is there anything else beyond that to feel risky. No right!! So, anything with the appropriate safety measures does not lead to any risky elements. Be confident enough to involve the daddys into the super fun activity called bathing. Note: (mammas do supervise them both for safer side🧐)


Here comes the next work to prove yourself. It is also an easy task when you plan your babies/kids activities accordingly. Feed your kids enough, play for some time and go for sleep .It is the most sweetest time with your kids. I enjoy this time with my kids. I also recommend all the fathers over there not to miss this wonderful bedtime with your little prince or princess. If you have not read my post on How to make your kids bedtimes easy & effortless Please do check out and get to know more things briefly. I guess, it would be helpful to you.

I have mentioned this in my many blogs. I would like to mention it in this blog too. Kids grows faster. The thing which we are thinking now as annoying would become the most longing and memorable thing when our kids gets older. So always never ever miss the every single opportunity you get to be with your kids. Last but not the least, parenthood is truly a blessing for every parents. So, both the father and mother cherish it to the core.

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