“A baby makes love stronger, the days shorter, the nights longer, savings smaller and a home happier”

Mom’s work time is as we all know it’s 24/7. No one can deny with this.  Experience is the best teacher. Every mom used to learn parenting by error and trial method only when they are first time mom. New moms have humungous challenges especially when they are apart from their homes. They need to act like a superman, sorry a superwoman 😜. That too, if they are alone, the struggles of a new moms cannot be described in actual words. Many new moms are living apart from their families inspite of work. I hope this post would be  helpful to those who struggles between the baby and the house chores. Let’s move onto the topic right here!!

You will never know when your baby would poop, puke or becomes cranky to make you full busy by leaving all other stuffs in which you were involved completely. You have no options for that kind of situation. Because babies are your bosses. Yes, you read it right!! We have to run to them even when we are in restroom🤐. Because we are the only person to look after them when we are living apart. Sound sad but truth.

Everything becomes easy when we plan or organize things according to our lifestyle. So let’s all take a look at some of the tips to ease your frustrating chores.

Make a do to list:-

Making a list for any purpose is definitely useful for the restless results. So here it works out great, if you list out all the activities or schedule for the next day. It will be easy for you in the morning, to complete your tasks one after the other straight away without confusing or forgetting.

Wake up before your baby:-

Some moms have this habit of sleeping till baby wakes up and start to cry out loud. They will get up with the baby and starts their brushing, bathing works. After finishing all these personal rituals, the baby will look like an alien child with uncontrollable hunger. Do you think, heading to the kitchen after all this big disaster, makes your day a good start🤔?? A big Nooo.. Right!!!

If you does not need all these drama, you have a better option. Wake up early before your baby does and finish all your personal rituals and starts your day right after it. It will be more relaxing and refreshing morning to you as well. And also,,

  • Finish your cooking in the morning itself to save time for the rest of the busy day. 
  • It is good to eat before your baby wakes up. Because you are the one who are going to handle the entire thing. So first of all, you need to have a sound health and energy. Make a habit of eating when your baby sleeps itself.

Once your baby wakes up, embrace them and have a cuddle time. Make a soothing bath, feed enough and its playing time . Spent your precious time with your baby without stressing about the lunch work or any other stuffs. 


Always monitor the feeding time and be prepared to feed your baby before they starts cranky. Take more than enough time to fill your babies or toddlers tummy with nutritious food. Babies with full stomach tends to sleep more.

Nap Time:-

Now it’s nap time (nap time differs for each baby, you plan according to your babies nap times 😊) darken the room with closed curtains and make a cozy feel with a nice soft blanket. The ambience makes the baby to sleep sound (sometimes the moms too😜) Rest for some time during that period and starts your remaining house chores like cleaning, washing etc. Note: sometimes things might not go well with the babies. Do not be alarmed. It happens for everyone. So follow on your track.

Make sure of safety measurements:-

Being alone with the babies needs more focus about nook and corner of your house. Always be alert with the babies and the things which are around them. Let’s take some examples,

  • No small sized toys or fur toys.
  • No sharp toys
  • No charger or electric sockets nearby, out of babies reach
  • Make sure of sharp edges in the furniture
  • Make sure of doors and windows when it is opened, put a standby lock or small wash cloth on the top of the door to avoid sudden shutting when baby is inside or hands inbetween of the gaps.
  • Make sure of the bathroom door be closed.
  • Mainly kitchen area, make sure of no knives, scissors, mixi or heavy utensils out of babies reach.
  • Avoid dumping unnecessary things, it creates dust which is not good for babies when they reach out there.

And last but not the least,

“You will always be your child’s favorite toy.”

So spend more times by playing and cuddling instead of sinking into the house chores. Kids grows so fast. As we cannot get this  moments back again , I do not want you to miss  this precious period with your baby. Let’s cherish the motherhood.

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With this note I am signing off from this post, and expects yours valuable comments and tremendous support.

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