“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”

-Martin Buber

Summer holidays always tempt us to explore some new places without wasting our holidays by staying at home. Traveling teaches us many intense lessons. It teaches happiness, courage, greatfulness, hope, relaxation and lot more. This topics covers many deeper emotions which I can share with you all in the upcoming post. Stay tuned for that 😉. Coming back to the today’s topic, by looking in the title itself, you could easily find what the subject is going to speak about in this post. Yes, you are right! As I said sooner, its a holidays time, our kids and ourselves would be very excited to explore the new places. Travel makes us happy but at the same time, it requires some more things to keep ourselves healthy and energetic during traveling especially for the kids. So let’s start traveling into the topic at a high speed🚗🚗

Drink more liquids:-

I know friends its a cliche!. But I am sorry, I can’t skip this part. Kindly be patient😊. During the travel our body tends to lose water content. Insufficient of fluids in a body leads to many unnecessary illness. If you don’t want to spoil your travel due to dehydration then drink more water, fresh juices and lot more of liquids. If you wonder what to consume during summer, kindly visit my post on “How to energize your body in this summer” and I hope you would find it useful,.

Eat light:-

Many kids and even adults have the habit of not taking any foods due to indigestion or vomiting sensation. But remember, emptying the stomach doesn’t make your body to function properly. Always consume some light food which can be easily digested. It soothes your stomach at the same time, you can be energetic. Eating heavy foods leads to indigestion which forwards to vomiting also. So avoid taking heavy and oiled foods or snacks during travel.


Whatever might be the mode of transport, the kids would always ends up feeling bored. So carry your kids favourite toys or story books along with you to engage them during travel and you can pass the time easily. (Do modify the toys or books according to your kids age and taste)

No mobile/Tablet:-

I have seen many kids doing this by looking only into the phones while traveling. I wonder how could their parents allows that🤔. During travel only your kids can get to know many new things to explore. Do not ever miss those chances to teach your kids with the real examples, instead of showing them on books or on gadgets. Teaching your kids with real examples helps your kids to remember those things for the long time. It gets registered very strongly in theirs mind. So do not under estimate that.

Comfort sleeping:-

Sleeping is an important activity during travel. Kids falls asleep soon and also for the long time when they travel. So making them to sleep comfortably is the very important task. Do not make them to sleep in a shrinked posture for the long time. That is not good for them. Always plan your kids seating arrangements before you plan your travel. It is mandatory for your kids to sleep in a comfortable position while traveling. So never ever compromise on that activity.

Final statement, you travel to celebrate your happiness with your family and friends. So do plan your trip with a highly efficient precautions to enjoy the holidays without any unwanted health issues. Enjoy the holidays to the core and have a blast👍😀

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