How to make your kids bedtimes happy & effortless

“Sleep is the best meditation”

-Dalai Lama

But making kids to sleep is like reaching the Mount Everest. I meant to say, it’s not an easy thing 🙄. The first thing happens in most of the houses is, the kids running or hiding themselves when they are called to go for bed. Isn’t it?

How to change these dramas when it is time for bed🤔? The solutions are very simple. Let’s switch the angle from the parent side to the kids side. Lets take a look of the topic briefly right here!!!

Go to bed with your kids:-

Shouting at your kids to go for bed and theirs refusal is a most annoying thing that happens in most of the houses on a daily basis.
Instead of shouting at them to go for bed, you better go with them by finishing all your household works earlier. Accompanying them during bedtime would result in no arguments, anxiety etc..

Make a happy bedtime:-

Always enjoy the bedtimes. It is the place where you can spend some valuable time with your kids  as a relaxing spot, writing down the gratitude journal, chit chat etc.. Make the bedtime the most happiest, awaited time for the kids and you as well..

Play some mind games/storytelling:-

Kids do not like to go by following strict rules like go straight, turn left, drink water and come back and all 😛. Rather if you add some entertainment factor to it, they would do the same thing without their consciousness. Likewise, apply the same rule for the bedtime too. If you keep on asking them to sleep, definitely they won’t sleep. Instead, involve them to play like some mindgames or to tell a story, they would be very excited to do so. Play for some time and have fun.

Gratitude journal & chit chat:-

As I said sooner, make your bedtime to do these habits as a healthy rituals. Ask your kids to write down any 3 gratitude moments of that day on the diary. And have a discussion with them about it and about their day. This habit really makes them to look forward to life in a positive way.

After finishing all the above rituals, your kids would be very happy to go for bed without stressing them. Isn’t look simple?? If you think the situation is unmanageable, do not panic,  always change your glasses for the other angle to make it easy to solve the problem. Life is so easy if we think in a simpler way.

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