“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”

– Albert Einstein

I am a mom of a 6 year old smart boy. Me and my son always have conversations of different topics. We almost discuss each and everything we get to see. I am not a parenting expert, but I am the one who always loves parenting. Parenting is not a complicative thing in which one needs to master it for becoming an expert instead, it is all about involving yourself completely with your kids and grow with them. Let’s get into the topic!!!

As the cliche goes, children asks hundreds of questions per day and we parents, have to answer every question of them. It might sound very simple but it plays a major role in your children’s growth. I agree, there are many parents out there who are taking this as a serious thing and they are doing their job to the fullest. But everyone are not the same. Some parents might not get appropriate situations. It may help to some, I guess.

My son always comes up with a different question each time. He does not bother about the time or place to ask his bunch of questions. Sometimes, he used to raise his questions even when I was running out of time to school or to catch the cab. But I won’t ignore his questions at anytime. I will take a break from my work and answer his questions. It may not possible at all the times. But you can ask your kids to give some time if you can’t engage with them at that moment and can answer them later (but definitely later).

The question can be simple or complicated. For example, Why the crow is black?? Or How does we reach the sky?? Whatever might be the question. The matter is not ignoring them. I mean, both your kids and theirs questions.

(Not all) some parents , used to feel irritated for their children’s repeated questions and shouts at them. Let’s say a big “No” to this. Always try to think from your kids angle and give a company to their curiosity. Some parents used to worry about this attitude in their kids character. Those parents needs to worry only if theirs kids were not doing so. Thats sound serious to look at them.

Parents have to feed their children’s knowledge seeking interest at home first. Home is their first school and we are theirs first teachers until they enter into the world of school education. If we show lethargic in the initial stage and suppress all their question raising skills, then what is the matter of expecting them to be smarter or active in the school? At that moment, we fail in our parenting at the first level.

So let’s not wait for our children to ask question in our break time. Instead, let’s take some break for 2 minutes and answer their questions. It will definitely make a change in your child’s growth one day. 

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