How to deal the situation when unexpected guest arrives

“Life is simple, but we insist on making it complicated”

The above quote can be easily related to many of the homemakers. If you are one of them, you have come to the right place where you can transform yourself from an anxiety bird to cool dude 😎. Without further adieu, lets get sunk into the topic right here!!!

1.Don’t be over-reactive:-

For example, If you get a call from your friend or a family saying that they are going to visit you in a next couple of hours. Your reaction to the call is be like a massive tsunami attacked you, for an instance. You would get total blanked. Then with the extreme tension, you would do all the things in an ultimate collapsible way. Finally your results would be like🤪… Got the answer right!! I am not exaggerating, but there are also some people like that. Do you need all this disaster to be arised due to just a one call??

First and foremost, one must learn to handle things with the chill attitude. If the mind is chill, then things falls in the right places. Closing the gate of the mind and searching for the axe to open is not the sensible idea. Chill out first, then open the gate with the right key, you can reach your beautiful Destination.

2. Prepare homemade snacks:-

If you have no time to run for the bakery shop or supermarket to serve them snacks or drinks. Do not panic. Go for homemade snacks. Make a snacks or drinks with the things left in the house itself. Think spontaneously and make a yummy snacks out of it. For example, u could make a spice n crispy pakora with the hot masala chai or you can go for simple bread pudding with any fresh juice, or else make a simple but delicious fruit custard or milkshakes. Note: Homemade foods always get good results from the guests than the store-bought one. Trust me😊👍.

3. Tidying up:-

The other tension comes out here. Yes, cleaning. Tidying up the whole house is truly a frazzled task, I must say. That too if you have kids no need to explain the situation. By now you could imagine 😜. Do not carry the whole pressure on your back. Involve your kids in tidying up the house. The works gets finished effortlessly if you are all join the hands.

4. Cheese!! It’s a guest time for fun!!

Within your expected time you could finish all your work and wait for your guests arrivals. Spend the super fun time with your friends and family with the yummy homemade snacks and drinks and have a blast treasured moments and do not forget to capture those cheesy smiley moments to look back to cherish. 

As I mentioned sooner, life is so simple, we are the one who make it complicated. Be cool and spread the happiness to your friends & family and share this post too if u like 😍.

With this note I am signing off from this post, and expects yours valuable comments and tremendous support.

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