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    5 ways to find a solution for the problem without drowning in it

    A person who sees a problem is a human being; a person who finds a solution is visionary; and the person who goes out and does something about it is an entrepreneur. 

    -Naveen Jain

    I have to start this post with well known saying that “Every problem has it own solution”. It may sound simple but it has a very intense meaning to learn more from it. Many people struggles with problems, without looking for the solutions. And goes to the deep depression after then . It is the main breakdown to ones success stage. Let’s get into the topic to find a solution for the problems araises one after the other..

    Accept the problem:-

    Many of us have this issue. Problem has arised. Okay..What next. ? If we get problems in our life, instead of immersing into it and regretting, we need to find the way to accept it with the whole heart.  If you accept it, then your mind would be clear to face the problems.

    Find the possibilities:-

    No problem comes with the locked doors of possibilities. Always see the problem with the clear mind to find the light to the problem.

    Face with Confidence:-

    Let’s move on to the next phase. Some knows what are the solutions to the problem arised to them. But still they struggles to come out of it because of lack of confidence. It is not a joke. I have seen many, facing with this issue. Some might have family or friends support to handle their tough times. But what about the people who does not have any support?? The thing which I am coming to clarify here is, a person who have someone to support them or not is not the issue here. If the problem has come to us, we are the first one who must face it with the full confidence. The confidence must be in high level by both mind and heart. Then only you can stand till the last minute of the battle.

    Discuss with the loved ones:-

    There are some kind of people who goes into the world of loneliness when they get problems. They think , why to bother others unnecessarily. This decision is totally wrong. Dumping all your sorrows into yourself does not solve any single problem. Rather, it creates another. So always feel free to be with your loved ones, share your thoughts and feelings. Trust me, you would feel very lighter than before. Discussing with your loved ones might not solve your problems but it definitely make a good change for your mind. It is almost like a healing therapy to our soul.

    Write it down:-

    Let’s take a situation like this. If a person does not have someone to share it with or they are in the situation of unable to share. What can they do? There is a solution to that case too. Take a pen and paper, pour it completely without leaving single word from your mind.  Once you finished writing, read it from the first. It gives an ultimate relaxation. Try out this tip.

    Life is a road where we stuck in at times with the traffic jams called problems. It might give some tough times for a while, but obviously the road has to get clear and the vehicle must go on after some time. It cannot be jammed permanently. Likewise, the problems cannot sit with you permanently. It is a passing cloud. 

    I remember my aunt saying this when I feel low at times, “problems are like a small stone. If you keep that stone near to your eye, you can see only that stone but nothing else. But, if you keep the same stone little far from your eyes, you can see the world”. So always keep your problems little out of your gate and face it. You would succeed definitely.

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  • Parenting


    “A baby makes love stronger, the days shorter, the nights longer, savings smaller and a home happier”

    Mom’s work time is as we all know it’s 24/7. No one can deny with this.  Experience is the best teacher. Every mom used to learn parenting by error and trial method only when they are first time mom. New moms have humungous challenges especially when they are apart from their homes. They need to act like a superman, sorry a superwoman 😜. That too, if they are alone, the struggles of a new moms cannot be described in actual words. Many new moms are living apart from their families inspite of work. I hope this post would be  helpful to those who struggles between the baby and the house chores. Let’s move onto the topic right here!!

    You will never know when your baby would poop, puke or becomes cranky to make you full busy by leaving all other stuffs in which you were involved completely. You have no options for that kind of situation. Because babies are your bosses. Yes, you read it right!! We have to run to them even when we are in restroom🤐. Because we are the only person to look after them when we are living apart. Sound sad but truth.

    Everything becomes easy when we plan or organize things according to our lifestyle. So let’s all take a look at some of the tips to ease your frustrating chores.

    Make a do to list:-

    Making a list for any purpose is definitely useful for the restless results. So here it works out great, if you list out all the activities or schedule for the next day. It will be easy for you in the morning, to complete your tasks one after the other straight away without confusing or forgetting.

    Wake up before your baby:-

    Some moms have this habit of sleeping till baby wakes up and start to cry out loud. They will get up with the baby and starts their brushing, bathing works. After finishing all these personal rituals, the baby will look like an alien child with uncontrollable hunger. Do you think, heading to the kitchen after all this big disaster, makes your day a good start🤔?? A big Nooo.. Right!!!

    If you does not need all these drama, you have a better option. Wake up early before your baby does and finish all your personal rituals and starts your day right after it. It will be more relaxing and refreshing morning to you as well. And also,,

    • Finish your cooking in the morning itself to save time for the rest of the busy day. 
    • It is good to eat before your baby wakes up. Because you are the one who are going to handle the entire thing. So first of all, you need to have a sound health and energy. Make a habit of eating when your baby sleeps itself.

    Once your baby wakes up, embrace them and have a cuddle time. Make a soothing bath, feed enough and its playing time . Spent your precious time with your baby without stressing about the lunch work or any other stuffs. 


    Always monitor the feeding time and be prepared to feed your baby before they starts cranky. Take more than enough time to fill your babies or toddlers tummy with nutritious food. Babies with full stomach tends to sleep more.

    Nap Time:-

    Now it’s nap time (nap time differs for each baby, you plan according to your babies nap times 😊) darken the room with closed curtains and make a cozy feel with a nice soft blanket. The ambience makes the baby to sleep sound (sometimes the moms too😜) Rest for some time during that period and starts your remaining house chores like cleaning, washing etc. Note: sometimes things might not go well with the babies. Do not be alarmed. It happens for everyone. So follow on your track.

    Make sure of safety measurements:-

    Being alone with the babies needs more focus about nook and corner of your house. Always be alert with the babies and the things which are around them. Let’s take some examples,

    • No small sized toys or fur toys.
    • No sharp toys
    • No charger or electric sockets nearby, out of babies reach
    • Make sure of sharp edges in the furniture
    • Make sure of doors and windows when it is opened, put a standby lock or small wash cloth on the top of the door to avoid sudden shutting when baby is inside or hands inbetween of the gaps.
    • Make sure of the bathroom door be closed.
    • Mainly kitchen area, make sure of no knives, scissors, mixi or heavy utensils out of babies reach.
    • Avoid dumping unnecessary things, it creates dust which is not good for babies when they reach out there.

    And last but not the least,

    “You will always be your child’s favorite toy.”

    So spend more times by playing and cuddling instead of sinking into the house chores. Kids grows so fast. As we cannot get this  moments back again , I do not want you to miss  this precious period with your baby. Let’s cherish the motherhood.

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  • Relationship


    “When you look into your mother’s eyes, you know that is the purest love you can find on this earth.”

    Mitch Albom

    It is harder to define motherhood. It is even more harder to define my love for my mother. I have ever told her, but I am sure she knows my infinite love for her. She is incredible. She is loving. She is kind. She is a strong woman. She is incredibly patient to have a daughter like me😜. In total, She is my strength. I am truly blessed to have you as my mother and I Love you to the Moon and back mamma😍,…

    Every mother is a superhero to their kids. Yes, I mean it. When we feel low, bullied, stressed, insecured or any other thing we run to a superhero called mother. She can deal any subject with a single hand. Life can feel like a never-ending uphill battle but we can find peace and relief by her one warm hug. Her all time pharse “Don’t worry! Everything will be easy” soothes our mind and soul even after a big disaster. That power, I call as a superpower and obviously she is our superhero. Right!! 🤩

    We may get big arguments, we may skip the dinner, we may have difference of opinion, we may have compulsion but at last nothing stands for longer time than her unconditional love. Many times we acts like a mother and she intentionally acts like a child to make us to explore. How crazy that was when I feel my smartness was not actually what it was😄. Mothers are always mothers. We cannot predict her, but she will predict everything before it gets into. She wears many feathers on her hats which are unnoticeable by most of us, sad but the truth.

    Let me take a privilege to wish every mommies out there..

    The New mommas:- The new moms are warmly welcome to the great team. Enjoy your motherhood and have a long way to go.
    The Already mommas:- U are awesome and pillar to your family. So grateful for your love.

    The grandmother/ great-grandma:- You are always loved and cared. You are the root of a family. You lead with legacy and purity in love to grow the lovely family.

    Mommas struggling with infertility:- We may not completely understand your pain you have been through but you are always a momma to somebody in your family. You are always respected and celebrated.

    There are different mommas amongst us. The one thing which I want to convey here is,
    Cherish the love and celebrate the motherhood. I would like to wish a very happy and prosperous mothers day to every mommas on the earth😍😍

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  • Lifestyle


    “The most memorable day usually ends with the dirtiest clothes”

    The quote which I mentioned above is absolutely true. Clothes have the intense connection with the memories. Why because, the memories can be recalled through our clothes which we worn on our special days. It gives us instant smile and happiness when we wear it again.

    Having said the nicest part, let’s come to the reality. After the big enjoyment and celebration, the laundry basket ends up piling like a hill. Ufff!!!,😥 Keep a worry apart, we are going to get a glimpse of how to sort the laundry problems which looks burden to the mommies, right here!!! Lets quickly jump in..

    Assign a Laundry basket for the family members:-

    The boring and very annoying thing about laundry is sorting it out the clothes when loading into the washing machine 😣. All dirty clothes gets mixed up with every others clothes in a family. The truth is, these sorting process takes more time than folding or drying. To get rid of these troublesome work, make a wise decision of assigning a separate basket for the family members. If you think you cannot allocate each basket for each person in a family. Do like this, if your family consist of 4 members of mom,dad, bro and sis. Assign one laundry basket for the kids and the other basket for mom and dad. (Note: Kindly do change the count according to your family) It would be quiet easy for you to sort it out and save your valuable time.

    One load per day rule:-

    Always go for the one load of laundry per day rule. It would be easy for you to get works done without piling it up and you need not to go for two or more loads of washing on a day. Orelse it ends up with an unnecessary tension. Don’t want such kind right! Then do follow this rule right from today!!👍😊

    Do washing separately:-

    I am not sure wheather you would go with this statement or not but I am doing this pattern of washing only since from the beginning. I do my laundry for each person separately. I do not mix up everybody’s clothes. Since it has different stains and gems in all the clothes. I do not like to mix the kids clothes get mixed up with the adult ones. Especially babies clothes. There is more possibility of spreading gemses through washing. Though it is a washing process, we cannot expect we could get 100% gems free clothes even after washing. So it is good to wash separately.

    Load it at night itself:-

    Yes, I am following this idea. And it is a life saver for me. If you too wants to save your time, pick up the dirty clothes which needs to be washed and load the washing machine at night itself. Just load with dry dirty clothes only ( no water, no detergent) and do not close the lid completely. Let’s there be some airy gap. In the next morning, as soon as you start your day, you can start washing straight away without searching for the clothes. Trust me, it makes a good change.


    Folding is as equal amount of work as washing. If you find lazy in folding them. It too gets piled up like anything which leads to a disaster. Some feels folding is such a boredom part of washing clothes. I agree. But it has to be done without any choice. Then how to finish this task🤔?? The solution is right here. Do not fold the clothes when you are alone. Fold the clothes when you are chatting with your family members or on a phone call with your friend or simply by watching your favorite show on the TV. The works gets completed without your acknowledgment. The mission completed successfully 😎👍.

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  • Society


    A breeze, a forgotten summer, a smile, all can fit into a storefront window.

    -Dejan Stojanovic

    Though we are all in the midst of the hectic life. We do find happiness at some places. Likewise, me too have a wonderful place where I feel absolutely happy is, my room’s WINDOW. Yes, I am not kidding. It is such a relaxing space in our house. It is not only a very relaxing space but also a very thoughtful space too. It gives a fine thought process to analyse ourselves in a better way.

    Let’s take a look through this window and learn what it teaches us.

    First of all,  let the light flood in. Light will get rid of the darkness. Light brings the positive vibes to our house. You can experience that soulful energy when you open your window curtains in the morning. The feeling which you get when breathing the morning fresh air cannot be beaten by any other source. The breezy air embraces our faces and blows through our hairs with a soft touch.

    The sounds of  different birds in the blue sky gives the divine feel. It motivates us to be fearless, energetic and cheerful. All these nature’s blessings gives us a peaceful mind & light heart to face the challenging day.

    Different kinds of people:-

    We get to watch different kinds of people through our windows. Each person reminds me or give a thought in my life. Like,, A small boy walking by holding his mother’s hand reminds my childhood days and i feel pleasant.
    School buses picking up the kids reminds my school days and i feel happy. An old man getting newspaper from the shop reminds my grandpa and I feel good.

    And finally the paper collecting boy in the garbage bin made me to realize how greatful I am to God. We don’t care about food wasting, shopping on High cost, partying on a weekly basis, gifting costlier things to our friends, flying to many countries like a routine and the big list goes on. But I came to realise that these people are struggling to get their daily basic needs itself like anything. But we should not feel pity for them instead on us.

    Everyone of us needs to analyse ourselves. If we analyse intensively, we will surround by numerous questions. Like, Are we eating food or wasting food? Are we using enough water or carelessly minding? Are we spending our money in an appropriate way or just for ostentation? These questions are needed to be answered by each and everyone of us to know about the feelings of those guys who are eating from the garbage bin.

    Lets take a recent example, we have seen many millionaires were in the needs of one food packet during the flood disaster either in Chennai or Kerala. Those people would have wasted massive amounts of foods or water during their parties. But they came to the state of expecting one food or water packets from any helping hand. This is life. No one knows what happens next in our life. Lets be grateful for whatever we are now today. And also be socially responsible and concerned.

    The windows are not only for relaxing or entertaining but also for analysing how we are and what we are?. There are many deep questions needed to be answered by ourselves only. Let’s answer them honestly and make a change.
    The current season is a practice for our social responsibility on how we are going to deal with the insufficient or adequate amount of water level. Lets join our hands and do our most best. Once again, Kindly do not waste neither water nor foods.

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