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    “All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”

    -Martin Buber

    Summer holidays always tempt us to explore some new places without wasting our holidays by staying at home. Traveling teaches us many intense lessons. It teaches happiness, courage, greatfulness, hope, relaxation and lot more. This topics covers many deeper emotions which I can share with you all in the upcoming post. Stay tuned for that 😉. Coming back to the today’s topic, by looking in the title itself, you could easily find what the subject is going to speak about in this post. Yes, you are right! As I said sooner, its a holidays time, our kids and ourselves would be very excited to explore the new places. Travel makes us happy but at the same time, it requires some more things to keep ourselves healthy and energetic during traveling especially for the kids. So let’s start traveling into the topic at a high speed🚗🚗

    Drink more liquids:-

    I know friends its a cliche!. But I am sorry, I can’t skip this part. Kindly be patient😊. During the travel our body tends to lose water content. Insufficient of fluids in a body leads to many unnecessary illness. If you don’t want to spoil your travel due to dehydration then drink more water, fresh juices and lot more of liquids. If you wonder what to consume during summer, kindly visit my post on “How to energize your body in this summer” and I hope you would find it useful,.

    Eat light:-

    Many kids and even adults have the habit of not taking any foods due to indigestion or vomiting sensation. But remember, emptying the stomach doesn’t make your body to function properly. Always consume some light food which can be easily digested. It soothes your stomach at the same time, you can be energetic. Eating heavy foods leads to indigestion which forwards to vomiting also. So avoid taking heavy and oiled foods or snacks during travel.


    Whatever might be the mode of transport, the kids would always ends up feeling bored. So carry your kids favourite toys or story books along with you to engage them during travel and you can pass the time easily. (Do modify the toys or books according to your kids age and taste)

    No mobile/Tablet:-

    I have seen many kids doing this by looking only into the phones while traveling. I wonder how could their parents allows that🤔. During travel only your kids can get to know many new things to explore. Do not ever miss those chances to teach your kids with the real examples, instead of showing them on books or on gadgets. Teaching your kids with real examples helps your kids to remember those things for the long time. It gets registered very strongly in theirs mind. So do not under estimate that.

    Comfort sleeping:-

    Sleeping is an important activity during travel. Kids falls asleep soon and also for the long time when they travel. So making them to sleep comfortably is the very important task. Do not make them to sleep in a shrinked posture for the long time. That is not good for them. Always plan your kids seating arrangements before you plan your travel. It is mandatory for your kids to sleep in a comfortable position while traveling. So never ever compromise on that activity.

    Final statement, you travel to celebrate your happiness with your family and friends. So do plan your trip with a highly efficient precautions to enjoy the holidays without any unwanted health issues. Enjoy the holidays to the core and have a blast👍😀

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  • Kids

    How to make your kids bedtimes happy & effortless

    “Sleep is the best meditation”

    -Dalai Lama

    But making kids to sleep is like reaching the Mount Everest. I meant to say, it’s not an easy thing 🙄. The first thing happens in most of the houses is, the kids running or hiding themselves when they are called to go for bed. Isn’t it?

    How to change these dramas when it is time for bed🤔? The solutions are very simple. Let’s switch the angle from the parent side to the kids side. Lets take a look of the topic briefly right here!!!

    Go to bed with your kids:-

    Shouting at your kids to go for bed and theirs refusal is a most annoying thing that happens in most of the houses on a daily basis.
    Instead of shouting at them to go for bed, you better go with them by finishing all your household works earlier. Accompanying them during bedtime would result in no arguments, anxiety etc..

    Make a happy bedtime:-

    Always enjoy the bedtimes. It is the place where you can spend some valuable time with your kids  as a relaxing spot, writing down the gratitude journal, chit chat etc.. Make the bedtime the most happiest, awaited time for the kids and you as well..

    Play some mind games/storytelling:-

    Kids do not like to go by following strict rules like go straight, turn left, drink water and come back and all 😛. Rather if you add some entertainment factor to it, they would do the same thing without their consciousness. Likewise, apply the same rule for the bedtime too. If you keep on asking them to sleep, definitely they won’t sleep. Instead, involve them to play like some mindgames or to tell a story, they would be very excited to do so. Play for some time and have fun.

    Gratitude journal & chit chat:-

    As I said sooner, make your bedtime to do these habits as a healthy rituals. Ask your kids to write down any 3 gratitude moments of that day on the diary. And have a discussion with them about it and about their day. This habit really makes them to look forward to life in a positive way.

    After finishing all the above rituals, your kids would be very happy to go for bed without stressing them. Isn’t look simple?? If you think the situation is unmanageable, do not panic,  always change your glasses for the other angle to make it easy to solve the problem. Life is so easy if we think in a simpler way.

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  • Kids


    Autism is not a tragedy. Ignorance is..

    April is the month of world autism month. One in 150 kids is autistic these days. The autism spectrum is growing. I wish, every parents must be well aware of autism in today’s date.. Let’s get briefly into the topic to enlight the awareness in each one of us..

    Disclosure:- I am not a medical expert or a doctor but I am sharing my thoughts from my experience what I got to know from my friend who is a psychiatrist.

    What is autism?

    Autism, or autism spectrum disorder (ASD), refers to a broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication. Autism is a complex neurobehavioral condition. It has many types and stages. 

    Autism symptoms:-

    Autism spectrum disorder appears in infancy and early childhood, causing delays in many basic areas of development, such as learning to talk, play, and interact with others.

    If you find one of the above disorder or lag in your child or in your family. Don’t accept the wait-and-see approach. Many parents and family members say, wait-and-see some may take time. But kindly do not pay attention to their terrible advice. If you feel something wrong with your child’s behaviour, then never ever delay your approach to the doctor.

    Some children with autism starts to  develop communication skills but tend to regress when they age between 12 and 24 months. For example, children who say mamma and  pappa may stop using the entire language. Likewise, children who used to play peek-a-boo or waving hands may stop playing social games. Loss of any speech, social behaviour, gestures are needed to be taken as a serious issues. Regression to these behaviours is a major red flag for autism.

    Parents support to the child:-

    A diagnosis of autism is difficult for both the parents and the children. Although these disorder cannot be cured, most children can lead a happy life in taking part in the therapy. Parents must be the pillar of strength for the children especially for the autistic children. Mostly those parents are the very strongly willed people, I must say. They face various kinds of challenges on their daily basis. A big salute to those great people.

    Let’s make a change:-

    As a contribution to those lovely kids, let’s all join our hands for the support and accept the people with autism. If autistic souls are near you, stop starring at them instead spread love and kindness to those sweet people. If you can, kindly donate financially to the autism society. Last but not the least, if you are not facing such kind, pay your loads of gratitude to the God.

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  • Health


    “The tans will fade but the memories will last forever”

    It’s a summer time guys. Perfect time for super fun, exiting travel, beautiful vacation and very importantly refreshing drinks. Don’t you feel so?? The thing which strikes our mind when we speak about summer is the seasonal drinks, which brings the heaven near you when you are having it under the hot sun. Imagine friends! Isn’t it sound delicious?? 

    Let’s have a glance at some of the  seasonal drinks which can give us a divine feel in this hot golden summer. Let’s magnify the glasses!!!🔍🔍

    1. Coconut water:-

    Who else can think other drinks than this natural blessings.? I would definitely give the Coconut water the first place. I was not the Coconut water lover for the long time. I know, I was ignorantly refusing the nature’s refreshing gift. But later, I came to know the delicious flavor of the divine water by my husband’s compulsion only. After that, I never deny to have one whenever I get a chance to drink. Its highly nutritious with vitamin B , potassium, electrolytes and antioxidants. Its a good source for hydrating our body. And it’s also low in calories. What else we want more than that? Go and grab a coconut water and chill your body right now.

    2. Fresh juices:-

    Fresh juices is not only just for hydration, but also delivers a quick energy boost. Always do add fresh juices in your diet in order to get their  benefits.  But here, the important thing about juicing is , we will get the whole nutrients only if we juice it as it is without adding any sweetener to it. Or else the complete process goes useless. The nutrients gets lost when it is blended up with sweetener. Every fruit has its own sweetness, enjoy its originality and benefit the loads of nutrients from it. We are talking about summer right,! Summer means what else comes to your mind other than the yummy & beautiful watermelon. Enjoy your drink without any delay😀

    3. Buttermilk:-

    The next is buttermilk. The buttermilk is a dairy drink. It has numerous amount of minerals and vitamins. It naturally reduces the body heat. It is best to consume it during the summer. You could feel the better refreshment if you consume when it is chilled. It’s divine gal!! It also prevents from dehydration. It is the good way to detoxify your body too. So what are you waiting for?? Yea, got it right 😎🍹

    4. Nimbu Paani Or Lemonade. …

    Again it improves hydration. As we all know, it is rich in vitamin C . It has various benefits like it boost the immunity and digestive system. When you feel your body battery is alarming with low signal, charge it with one glass of chilled lemonade and you are good to go to rock the holidays.

    Not only the above 4 drinks are best to have in this summer. There are numerous refreshing drinks which I must mention here, but I don’t think so this one post would be sufficient to cover everything. As a request, I am asking all you lovely people to enjoy this summer with the natural drinks other than the artificial powder drinks. Make this wonderful habit to your kids too. Face the nature (summer) with the nature (natural drinks). 

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  • Parenting

    WHAT?? WHERE?? HOW?? WHY??

    “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”

    – Albert Einstein

    I am a mom of a 6 year old smart boy. Me and my son always have conversations of different topics. We almost discuss each and everything we get to see. I am not a parenting expert, but I am the one who always loves parenting. Parenting is not a complicative thing in which one needs to master it for becoming an expert instead, it is all about involving yourself completely with your kids and grow with them. Let’s get into the topic!!!

    As the cliche goes, children asks hundreds of questions per day and we parents, have to answer every question of them. It might sound very simple but it plays a major role in your children’s growth. I agree, there are many parents out there who are taking this as a serious thing and they are doing their job to the fullest. But everyone are not the same. Some parents might not get appropriate situations. It may help to some, I guess.

    My son always comes up with a different question each time. He does not bother about the time or place to ask his bunch of questions. Sometimes, he used to raise his questions even when I was running out of time to school or to catch the cab. But I won’t ignore his questions at anytime. I will take a break from my work and answer his questions. It may not possible at all the times. But you can ask your kids to give some time if you can’t engage with them at that moment and can answer them later (but definitely later).

    The question can be simple or complicated. For example, Why the crow is black?? Or How does we reach the sky?? Whatever might be the question. The matter is not ignoring them. I mean, both your kids and theirs questions.

    (Not all) some parents , used to feel irritated for their children’s repeated questions and shouts at them. Let’s say a big “No” to this. Always try to think from your kids angle and give a company to their curiosity. Some parents used to worry about this attitude in their kids character. Those parents needs to worry only if theirs kids were not doing so. Thats sound serious to look at them.

    Parents have to feed their children’s knowledge seeking interest at home first. Home is their first school and we are theirs first teachers until they enter into the world of school education. If we show lethargic in the initial stage and suppress all their question raising skills, then what is the matter of expecting them to be smarter or active in the school? At that moment, we fail in our parenting at the first level.

    So let’s not wait for our children to ask question in our break time. Instead, let’s take some break for 2 minutes and answer their questions. It will definitely make a change in your child’s growth one day. 

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  • Lifestyle


    “The living room is where we come to think, to slow down the world for a second”

    -Jason Winston George

    The living room is the most used and lively room among other rooms in a house. It is the place where Dad used to check all his messages and mails by resting on the couch. Mom used to cut all her veggies by watching TV. Bro on video games in an upside down position on the sofa. And finally lil sissy plays with all her toys lying on the floor.

    The most difficult task of this living room is tidying it up at the end of the day. Here are some of the incidents and solutions to sort out the messy living room. Let’s get into the topic right below!!

    No more bags on sofa:-

    The first thing we always do once we get back to home from school or work is, throwing school bags or office bags on the sofa. This is the main poor habit which makes the living room to look messy easily. 

    Don’t feel lazy to put back your bags to its allocated places even if you feel damn tired. Taking some effort to do so, will make the living room looks neat and also you need not to drain all your efforts to tidy up at the end of the tiring day.

    Keep a storage bin at the corner:-

    While being in the living room only many things comes to our hands to put onto its places. If you feel you cannot go for every single toys or a miscellaneous things to put on!! Think in this way….,,


    Keep a nice decore piece of storage bin at the corner of the  living room to store all your yet to keep things. Everything goes directly into the nice closed bin and your living room looks perfect without messing up with random things lying all over it. And later you can carry the bin & can keep all the things in their appropriate places in a single shot. Not only the living room looks neat but also the bin adds the elegance to the living room.
    Problem solved Right!! Two mangoes in one stone 😜

    Don’t search for remotes, organise it using an organiser:-

    Searching of remotes is such an annoying thing in every homes. Often we miss our remote controls and search for it at that moment. It creates an unnecessary tension for us. How to sort it?🤔


    Keep a tray organizer to organize your remotes controls along with your current reading books with some small indoor or artificial flower pot for decor on the coffee table. It looks elegant, at the same time the search problem is solved. 👍

    I hope these small tips would help you and do check out these tips and post your feedbacks. Last but not least, do not forget to share it with your friends!

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  • Kids

    How to create healthy eating habits to your kids

    “Kids who are fed healthy foods grow up loving healthy foods”

    Kids loves junk foods. They enjoys eating it. We couldn’t control them. They refuse to eat healthy foods. So, letting them to eat anything, to have something in the stomach, says maximum parents. Do you agree with that?? But, I totally deny with this statement. Yes, I really do..

    Let me explain why I am denying it. Kids are like a clay. We can mould them as we do. They can easily adopt the tastes how we feed them. It’s all about what we are preferring to feed them from the early stages of intaking foods. The truth is, we (parents) are the one who loves the junks most. Through us the kids get influenced to have junks. I hope most of us would agree with this!. 🤔

    I am not asking you to go totally for organic, homemade foods for kids at all the time. I know it  would be tough in today’s world to go like that. Especially when we are out. Restricting our kids during parties are highly difficult . Eating junks occasionally is okay, because of social environment. Here I need to make a clear point that junks as routine and junks as occasional is entirely different from each other. Junks in daily diet needs to be prohibited.

    There are some kids who does not show interest in eating. For those kids parents needs to take extra efforts to feed them (but definitely feed them) by diverting them with toys or making a game out of food or even take them out of the balcony for giving them options to watch different things to feel like eating,. Be very very patient when you are in the game of feeding. Do not never ever leave the kids with empty stomach or giving some junk foods to munch on. If you do so the kids will take advantage of asking for the junk or unhealthy food at that right time. Always remember that kids are way smarter than the parents. But you must show your extraordinary skills to prove them wrong.

    The reason we go for junk food easily is, it’s readymade, packed, needs no cooking, tastier with high sugar,oil, spices, preservatives (which is absolutely unhealthy). And many parents find it easier to carry the packed snacks while traveling. There are some options too you can introduce your kids to nutritious way of eating.

    Dates and Banana:-

    If your kids loves to eat sweeter. Carry some dates or banana. It gives instant energy and fills the stomach. If u fear of any accidental mess up, you can prepare an easy homemade cake using these two items. Carry the yummy yet nutritious cake to your kids. I am sure your kids will love it..

    Dry fruits:-

    If your kids likes to munch on. Carry some mixed nuts with you. Some kids don’t like to eat raw nuts . For those, roast the mixed nuts in ghee for flavour and carry. If your kids loves spiciness, u can toss the nuts by adding some salt or spices,  which is completely optional.

    Fresh juices:-

    If your kids likes to drink  juices. Instead of giving store-bought soft drinks. You can swap it by giving fresh juices, tender coconut, sugarcane juices or even buttermilk (it will suit this summer heavenly)

    “If you want to make a change, start from yourself”.

    Taking some effort for better change in your kids eating habit will result in good health.

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  • Lifestyle

    How to deal the situation when unexpected guest arrives

    “Life is simple, but we insist on making it complicated”

    The above quote can be easily related to many of the homemakers. If you are one of them, you have come to the right place where you can transform yourself from an anxiety bird to cool dude 😎. Without further adieu, lets get sunk into the topic right here!!!

    1.Don’t be over-reactive:-

    For example, If you get a call from your friend or a family saying that they are going to visit you in a next couple of hours. Your reaction to the call is be like a massive tsunami attacked you, for an instance. You would get total blanked. Then with the extreme tension, you would do all the things in an ultimate collapsible way. Finally your results would be like🤪… Got the answer right!! I am not exaggerating, but there are also some people like that. Do you need all this disaster to be arised due to just a one call??

    First and foremost, one must learn to handle things with the chill attitude. If the mind is chill, then things falls in the right places. Closing the gate of the mind and searching for the axe to open is not the sensible idea. Chill out first, then open the gate with the right key, you can reach your beautiful Destination.

    2. Prepare homemade snacks:-

    If you have no time to run for the bakery shop or supermarket to serve them snacks or drinks. Do not panic. Go for homemade snacks. Make a snacks or drinks with the things left in the house itself. Think spontaneously and make a yummy snacks out of it. For example, u could make a spice n crispy pakora with the hot masala chai or you can go for simple bread pudding with any fresh juice, or else make a simple but delicious fruit custard or milkshakes. Note: Homemade foods always get good results from the guests than the store-bought one. Trust me😊👍.

    3. Tidying up:-

    The other tension comes out here. Yes, cleaning. Tidying up the whole house is truly a frazzled task, I must say. That too if you have kids no need to explain the situation. By now you could imagine 😜. Do not carry the whole pressure on your back. Involve your kids in tidying up the house. The works gets finished effortlessly if you are all join the hands.

    4. Cheese!! It’s a guest time for fun!!

    Within your expected time you could finish all your work and wait for your guests arrivals. Spend the super fun time with your friends and family with the yummy homemade snacks and drinks and have a blast treasured moments and do not forget to capture those cheesy smiley moments to look back to cherish. 

    As I mentioned sooner, life is so simple, we are the one who make it complicated. Be cool and spread the happiness to your friends & family and share this post too if u like 😍.

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    “Holidays – any holiday – are such a great opportunity to focus on bringing the family together”

    -Lidia Bastianich

    The summer holidays has begun. Can you guess which is the kids most exciting month in the whole year?. Yes, it is the month of April. The kids most happening month. The holidays hunts just get starts right here.

    Unlike now, the 90’s kids are not pushed to go for the summer camp, where they are not allowed to open theirs wings. (Luckily, i was allowed to enhance my happiness in my childhood). Let me share my happy moments with you all, about how I feel when we plan to visit my granny’s place in summer holidays. Lets rewind to 90’s…

    We used to wait breathlessly for our last exam to get finished. Yes, if final exam gets over, then another 50-55 days are full of ours. In those holidays, my topmost favourite time is, staying in my granny’s place.

    We will pack our clothes, pack gifts for our relatives and loads of exciting plans to be accomplished with the whole family during those short span of stay over there. We flew to our granny’s place with tons of excitements, where all my other cousins have also come altogether to enjoy and make the memories to be cherished for the next whole year.

    That evergreen moment!,, when we reach our granny’s home, we would be received by our dear grandparents and all our relatives at the gate with huge smiles on their faces with unconditional love.. We would run to our grandparents and grab them tight.

    They embrace us with loads of hugs and kisses. Those warm welcome gives me an utmost excitement. I believe, that this wonderful moments cannot be beaten by anything else in this world.. It is truly a stress buster even if we rewind all those scenes quickly by now too.

    #Life was so easy and effortless when we are young#

    Everyone of us would have some granny’s place memories for sure. Lets take some time and start to roll down few togetherness moments and cherish our very pure happiness in us. Lets enjoy this summer holidays with our families. Happy holidays!!!😀

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