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    5 ways to find a solution for the problem without drowning in it

    A person who sees a problem is a human being; a person who finds a solution is visionary; and the person who goes out and does something about it is an entrepreneur. 

    -Naveen Jain

    I have to start this post with well known saying that “Every problem has it own solution”. It may sound simple but it has a very intense meaning to learn more from it. Many people struggles with problems, without looking for the solutions. And goes to the deep depression after then . It is the main breakdown to ones success stage. Let’s get into the topic to find a solution for the problems araises one after the other..

    Accept the problem:-

    Many of us have this issue. Problem has arised. Okay..What next. ? If we get problems in our life, instead of immersing into it and regretting, we need to find the way to accept it with the whole heart.  If you accept it, then your mind would be clear to face the problems.

    Find the possibilities:-

    No problem comes with the locked doors of possibilities. Always see the problem with the clear mind to find the light to the problem.

    Face with Confidence:-

    Let’s move on to the next phase. Some knows what are the solutions to the problem arised to them. But still they struggles to come out of it because of lack of confidence. It is not a joke. I have seen many, facing with this issue. Some might have family or friends support to handle their tough times. But what about the people who does not have any support?? The thing which I am coming to clarify here is, a person who have someone to support them or not is not the issue here. If the problem has come to us, we are the first one who must face it with the full confidence. The confidence must be in high level by both mind and heart. Then only you can stand till the last minute of the battle.

    Discuss with the loved ones:-

    There are some kind of people who goes into the world of loneliness when they get problems. They think , why to bother others unnecessarily. This decision is totally wrong. Dumping all your sorrows into yourself does not solve any single problem. Rather, it creates another. So always feel free to be with your loved ones, share your thoughts and feelings. Trust me, you would feel very lighter than before. Discussing with your loved ones might not solve your problems but it definitely make a good change for your mind. It is almost like a healing therapy to our soul.

    Write it down:-

    Let’s take a situation like this. If a person does not have someone to share it with or they are in the situation of unable to share. What can they do? There is a solution to that case too. Take a pen and paper, pour it completely without leaving single word from your mind.  Once you finished writing, read it from the first. It gives an ultimate relaxation. Try out this tip.

    Life is a road where we stuck in at times with the traffic jams called problems. It might give some tough times for a while, but obviously the road has to get clear and the vehicle must go on after some time. It cannot be jammed permanently. Likewise, the problems cannot sit with you permanently. It is a passing cloud. 

    I remember my aunt saying this when I feel low at times, “problems are like a small stone. If you keep that stone near to your eye, you can see only that stone but nothing else. But, if you keep the same stone little far from your eyes, you can see the world”. So always keep your problems little out of your gate and face it. You would succeed definitely.

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    With this note I am signing off from this post, and expects yours valuable comments and tremendous support.