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    A breeze, a forgotten summer, a smile, all can fit into a storefront window.

    -Dejan Stojanovic

    Though we are all in the midst of the hectic life. We do find happiness at some places. Likewise, me too have a wonderful place where I feel absolutely happy is, my room’s WINDOW. Yes, I am not kidding. It is such a relaxing space in our house. It is not only a very relaxing space but also a very thoughtful space too. It gives a fine thought process to analyse ourselves in a better way.

    Let’s take a look through this window and learn what it teaches us.

    First of all,  let the light flood in. Light will get rid of the darkness. Light brings the positive vibes to our house. You can experience that soulful energy when you open your window curtains in the morning. The feeling which you get when breathing the morning fresh air cannot be beaten by any other source. The breezy air embraces our faces and blows through our hairs with a soft touch.

    The sounds of  different birds in the blue sky gives the divine feel. It motivates us to be fearless, energetic and cheerful. All these nature’s blessings gives us a peaceful mind & light heart to face the challenging day.

    Different kinds of people:-

    We get to watch different kinds of people through our windows. Each person reminds me or give a thought in my life. Like,, A small boy walking by holding his mother’s hand reminds my childhood days and i feel pleasant.
    School buses picking up the kids reminds my school days and i feel happy. An old man getting newspaper from the shop reminds my grandpa and I feel good.

    And finally the paper collecting boy in the garbage bin made me to realize how greatful I am to God. We don’t care about food wasting, shopping on High cost, partying on a weekly basis, gifting costlier things to our friends, flying to many countries like a routine and the big list goes on. But I came to realise that these people are struggling to get their daily basic needs itself like anything. But we should not feel pity for them instead on us.

    Everyone of us needs to analyse ourselves. If we analyse intensively, we will surround by numerous questions. Like, Are we eating food or wasting food? Are we using enough water or carelessly minding? Are we spending our money in an appropriate way or just for ostentation? These questions are needed to be answered by each and everyone of us to know about the feelings of those guys who are eating from the garbage bin.

    Lets take a recent example, we have seen many millionaires were in the needs of one food packet during the flood disaster either in Chennai or Kerala. Those people would have wasted massive amounts of foods or water during their parties. But they came to the state of expecting one food or water packets from any helping hand. This is life. No one knows what happens next in our life. Lets be grateful for whatever we are now today. And also be socially responsible and concerned.

    The windows are not only for relaxing or entertaining but also for analysing how we are and what we are?. There are many deep questions needed to be answered by ourselves only. Let’s answer them honestly and make a change.
    The current season is a practice for our social responsibility on how we are going to deal with the insufficient or adequate amount of water level. Lets join our hands and do our most best. Once again, Kindly do not waste neither water nor foods.

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    With this note I am signing off from this post, and expects yours valuable comments and tremendous support.