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    “Holidays – any holiday – are such a great opportunity to focus on bringing the family together”

    -Lidia Bastianich

    The summer holidays has begun. Can you guess which is the kids most exciting month in the whole year?. Yes, it is the month of April. The kids most happening month. The holidays hunts just get starts right here.

    Unlike now, the 90’s kids are not pushed to go for the summer camp, where they are not allowed to open theirs wings. (Luckily, i was allowed to enhance my happiness in my childhood). Let me share my happy moments with you all, about how I feel when we plan to visit my granny’s place in summer holidays. Lets rewind to 90’s…

    We used to wait breathlessly for our last exam to get finished. Yes, if final exam gets over, then another 50-55 days are full of ours. In those holidays, my topmost favourite time is, staying in my granny’s place.

    We will pack our clothes, pack gifts for our relatives and loads of exciting plans to be accomplished with the whole family during those short span of stay over there. We flew to our granny’s place with tons of excitements, where all my other cousins have also come altogether to enjoy and make the memories to be cherished for the next whole year.

    That evergreen moment!,, when we reach our granny’s home, we would be received by our dear grandparents and all our relatives at the gate with huge smiles on their faces with unconditional love.. We would run to our grandparents and grab them tight.

    They embrace us with loads of hugs and kisses. Those warm welcome gives me an utmost excitement. I believe, that this wonderful moments cannot be beaten by anything else in this world.. It is truly a stress buster even if we rewind all those scenes quickly by now too.

    #Life was so easy and effortless when we are young#

    Everyone of us would have some granny’s place memories for sure. Lets take some time and start to roll down few togetherness moments and cherish our very pure happiness in us. Lets enjoy this summer holidays with our families. Happy holidays!!!😀

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